So, how is it done?
In a long cage (6'), put 3 to 5 birds.   They simply must have rings which are clearly very different from each other even when viewing them from various angles and at a bit of a distance.

Listen for the unambiguous, pure cock call - call 2
Catch that bird, put on a (blue) ring, note the number and move him to a cage elsewhere.

Personally, I like to have the boys with a blue ring, girls with a pink for gender and a ring on the other leg to distinguish the individual bird.

Wait for another cock to gain confidence and announce himself.   Change him to a blue ring or note number and move elsewhere.   Repeat.

It often only takes hours or a day maximum for a new cock to sing.   A week would be maximum.   If get muddled calls, change the composition in the cage of 3 to 5 birds.

At the end you have got only hens.   If unlucky you could end up with the odd timid or shy cock but that rarely happens.

So that's the calls - how about - Housing on the next page.
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