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Many say that the easiest way to sex Lavender Waxbill finches is by their calls.

This page presents some of their calls/ sounds.

Three of the WFS's most respected members helped put calls and gender together.
As a test, the gender of a number of birds was then determined from their calls.   Each bird's gender was then confirmed by DNA testing.

The indentification from the calls was 100% right.
The purpose of this page is to help others in gender determination.




Call 1 - contact call

Location or simple contact calls given by cocks or hens, (recording from an aviary of paired birds).

This is a frequently heard call which is often loud, presumably depending on how far birds are apart.

The calls were fairly irregular.   The regularity has been produced by my editing.   Note that if they were more frequent and regular they might qualify as a hen call.

Thanks to Alice Mourisot (WFS) for the ID.
Call 2 - Cock 'classic call'

The most useful identifying call.

Loud 2-part call of cock repeated four times, (from cage of 4 unpaired birds).

No editing here. The cock emitted this pair of 2-part calls in this time scale.

Cocks call much more than hens and much less often when caged as a pair.

Thanks to Dinah and John (WFS) for the ID.

Calls 1 and 2 - Scope
2 contact calls
2 full cock calls

How to get them to call?
1 - the sound of running water.

2 - when turn off the vacuum cleaner after cleaning their cage.

3 - when Lavender chicks fledge (bit hard to arrange that one but the birdroom goes mad).

4 - let another Lavender loose to fly around the birdroom (works a treat).
Call as gender determinant?

Determining cocks is fairly straightforward - a few minor irritations?
Firstly, cocks can be suppressed when in the company of a more dominant cock.

Remove the dominant cock and another may well burst into 'song'.   I have direct experience of this.

So, identify a cock bird, remove him and wait a week or so to see if another declares himself.
Secondly, there are variations. 

Some cocks make it harder by only doing the first of the two part call.   But they will come out of their shell if they are the only cock in the cage).

Thirdsly, cocks in a settled pair, housed alone, call very infrequently (if at all).

To hear the variation of the cocks' calls go to 'cock call variation' on the next page.
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