The complication of cock-bird call suppression has already been covered.

Plus, there can be variations of the cock Lavender's call due to age and other birds around.

Sound clip below is of a bird, now called Alan, sold to me as a Lavender hen called Elaine.
As the calls evolved/ varied, a name-change was required to Alan.

Recordings made of Elaine/ Alan showed how over a short time his calls varied.

First half of sound clip is Alan in early May being very circumspect.

Variation in action - same bird over time

Cock call variations

sound scopes below show Alan
with some initially confusing cock call variation

Sound Scopes - Alan
first half of clip - early variations
2nd half of clip - in full voice

So, what about the Lavender hens - go to - Hen calls and variation on the next page.
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