Lavender Waxbills

Feeding with seed and eggfood

Richard's seed mix which I also use is -
  • Foreign finch - 15Kg
  • Panicum - 3kg
  • Japanese millet - 3kg
  • Red millet - 3kg
  • Plain canary - 2kg – Niger
Grit and grated cuttlefish is always available and vitamins are supplied

Thawed frozen livefood is given daily in the form of buffalo worms and Pinkies.
Thawed in water so they appear clean & juicy.

Some pairs eat very little, some eat Buffaloes but not Pinkies.   Others can't get enough.

But, preference can change dramatically when feeding chicks!!

Sample of 1.
The pair that bred never ate Pinkies beforehand, not much buffalo, hardly any Cede.   So mainly seed.

Paul de Nil's rearing food
Paul de Nil is one of Belgium's most successful Waxbill breeders.   He attributes much of his success to his rearing food.

He makes his in the most cost-effective manner starting with white bread and eggs.

Although a little more expensive, it is even easier to start with your normal, eggfood.
The weights of eggfood given are basd on dry Cede™.

If you use a pre-moistened eggfood it is a bit denser.

Perhaps increase the weight of pre-moistened eggfood added by say 20%.   In reality, it probably doesn't matter at all.

1/4 weight

your normal dry, seed mix (volume based on my foreign finch mix)
3 litres/ 5 pints

boil seed (with 2 crumbled eggshells?) in tap water for 5 to 6 min's then ..
rinse thoroughly in cold tapwater and drain

your normal, eggfood (my volume is based on Cede™)
2.5 litres/ 4 pints

1 heaped tblspn

granulated charcoal
3 tablespoons

frozen Pinkies (maggots) and buffalo worms - total 4% of weight of above mix
(UK mail order supplier -

Making the eggfood
Mix vitamins, charcoal and Pinkies with eggfood (plus pollen powder? see below).
Then add eggfood (with mixed vitamins, charcoal & Pinkies) to drained, boiled seed and mix thoroughly
Seal entire mix in plastic container(s) or sealed plastic bag(s) and freeze.

Take as much as you need for a week at a time and thaw.

The seed in the eggfood mix
If you have several different types of bird then mix the seed accordingly.

If you have Bullfinches which consume twice the amount of their seed than your foreign finches then mix two parts of your Bullfinch mix to one part of your foreign finch mix
Paul de Nil - rearing food - dish

Adding 'lead' to the cock's pencil
Add the following to the above mix to bring cocks into condition.   DO NOT use once laying has commenced.
Pollen - powdered - (from health food shops) (UK mail order supplier -
1 tablespoon
1 level teaspoon

How often to use the mix?
Initially use rearing food. with pollen included. once a week.  Then use twice a week to bring birds into condition.
This could take perhaps about 6 weeks.
STOP using for each pair as soon as eggs appear.

For these birds use rearing food, without the pollen, daily.

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